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The Band 
With their smart suits and ability to actually play their instruments The Pleasers, Nick Powell, Steve McNerney, Bo Benham & Dave Rotchelle) were at the forefront of the new wave of guitar-based groups that swept through the Britain’s music industry in the late 70’s.  
They wrote and performed great songs with superb harmonies, jangling guitars and pure sixties drum fills, and their live shows brought back the fashion for being surrounded by cool guy’s wearing thin ties and screaming mini skirted girls.  
As proud Londoners, the group described their sound as Thamesbeat but you might know it better by the name their music was given by press of the time: Powerpop. Yes The Pleasers were the group who gave birth to the title that defines strong melodic pop to this day. 
Teenage magazines, Music papers and National press alike named The Pleasers as the Sound of 1978 and toward the end of that year the sound, the look and the clean cut image evolved into a huge Mod revival that became a whole scene in itself. But that as they say, is another story. 
Always a major feature of their live act, the groups enthusiastic studio cover of the Who’s 1966 anthem ‘The Kids Are Alright’ brought a host of favorable reviews and comments when it was released in Spring ’78 from, among others, the songs composer Pete Townshend. 
If you were there at the time and were lucky enough to catch The Pleasers on one of their sell out tours, this will bring the memory back for you and if you weren’t, then you will certainly want to know what you missed. Their 'Thamesbeat' album was released back in 1996 on Lost Moment Records shortly after Benham/McNerney of The Pleasers acquired ownership rights of their songs and master recordings of The Pleasers music.
Listen then to some of their recently re-mastered tracks from 1977-78 (produced by Tommy Boyce, Ron Richards & Geoff Haslam) now available on iTunes that still stand today as fresh, quality, powerful pop. No less than the original Powerpop.
Check out their official web site.

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